Industrie Baraldo is a company specialized in metal processing, whose main branches of activity are: design, laser cutting, turning and milling, light carpentry and welding.

Founded in 1976, as a specialized tooling for the production of blanking molds, it later combines a blanking service for third parties.

In the early 1980s a first phase of change began which led to the abandonment of the mold maker activity in favor of the special precision carpentry dedicated to X-ray machines.


This transformation has served as a springboard for other innovative sectors which have become strategic, such as electronics, boating, medical, furnishing and lighting.

The processing of a wide range of materials with a wide range of equipment, with CNC, allowed the achievement of a know-how and a level of specialization that became the basis of growth and consolidation.


In the first decade of 2000, the arrival in the company of the second generation provided a further push towards innovation and technology, leading the industry to grow further and try new market challenges.

After achieving ISO 9001 certification, it was decided to concentrate resources mainly to the furnishing, lighting and contract sectors.


Today, Industrie Baraldo has acquired multidisciplinary skills that place the company on the market with a wide range of specializations.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the company becomes more and more partner of customers with the aim of responding to their needs for the realization of a complete product.

It ensures a high quality of workmanship and punctuality in deliveries; a qualified network of suppliers guarantees complementary services, especially regarding finishes and surface treatments.